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Social Media Engagement Tips – 7 Things This Bottle of Ketchup Knows That You Don’t

Social Media Engagement Tips

 Social Media Engagement Tips – 7 Things to Avoid

Now I know it seems absurd that a ketchup bottle is more intelligent than most social media marketing campaigns, but here are several reasons or redflags you should look out for in your social media marketing campaigns. These are the social media engagement tips for today I have to offer of what not to do.  

1. They actually don’t engage. It’s a one way street. It’s me, me, me syndrome. 

2. They don’t listen. You ask a blogger questions or someone on Twitter. And they don’t bother to respond back to you at all. 

3. They just aren’t social in any way, shape or form….not even a phone number is listed. 

4. They lack total personality. (This bottle of ketchup caught my attention….enough to even write a blog post about it and cause me to take out my Android and capture a picture of it. I mean who captures a picture of a ketchup bottle at dinner with six other people under normal cirucmastances? Unless you’re a marketer.) 

5, Lack interesting content. Just because you post it doesn’t mean I’ll read it. Post stuff that is actually relevant to your audience. Worst case scenario? You ask them what they want to read from you. And then produce a lot of that. 

6. Act pretenious or like they are actually better than me. 

7. Leave no room for dialogue…literally. On the back of this bottle was a QR code I could scan with my phone. (I was at the Washington State University Football game against the Utah Utes. I really didn’t care about finding out that much more about Heinz ketchup, but I could have if if wanted to. They made it very easy for me to find out other interesting ketchup factoids.) 

This bottle of ketchup, I felt, followed the rules of engagement. I found it entertaining, social, engaging and didn’t put me off. I reacted….and now Heinz is getting some free publicity off of me. And the world goes round. 

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Social Media Engagement Tips – Do you have better ideas?

So to end it all – how do you engage with your audience? If you have a better or different idea that can help fill my list of social media engagement tips, leave a comment.